We are a micro coffee roaster, specializing in 100% Arabica, and freshly roasted coffee. We start by purchasing high quality, green coffee beans and roasting them to our customers’ preferred roast level. We roast small custom batches, in contrast to large commercial roasters.

Our quality assurance methods match our passion for premium coffee. Our products and services are fully customizable and designed to satisfy the tastes of coffee drinkers all over America. Customers who have tried Red Kettle Roast, notice the difference in the taste our clean, hot air roasting process delivers and find it hard to go back to store-bought products.

“Red Kettle Coffee Roasters is a result of combining my three passions of coffee, music, and the red kettle. I want to share these passions by making our premium blends and single origin beans from around the world accessible to all.”

Our Mission

Our mission at Red Kettle Coffee Roasters is to deliver premium quality, fresh roasted coffee. Our clean, hot air roasting process uses convection heat and air to loft the beans for a consistent heat transfer. You will find this produces a clean, healthier product that customers rave about. Red Kettle Roast is less bitter and less acidic thus producing a smoother, richer flavor.

EXPERIENCE The Red Kettle Coffee Roasters Difference FOR YOURSELF